NYC Half Marathon 2017

NYC Half Marathon 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to the Long Island Connect Educators' Summit in Farmingdale. #CELI17  What an amazing experience!  It is a learning and collaborating experience that I look forward to each year.  The event is the brainchild of Dr. Bill Brennan, an innovator who welcomes creativity!  The opportunities in Farmingdale for the students and teachers are boundless!   I am fortunate that I work in this district.

One of my former students was on the welcoming panel.  Mia is now in middle school and was poised and well spoken.  She is a learner who has been given the opportunity to create and think outside the box because of her experiences in the Farmingdale Schools.

The day is set up in breakout sessions.  There are three sessions.  The first two sessions are scheduled before the event.  Attendees can choose what they want to learn about.  I attended: 

Building Cultural Competency in Our Schools
Denise Toscano, Principal, Elwood School District
Michelle Ottley, Teacher, Elwood School District
Marsha McLeod, Teacher, Elwood School District
Maureen Hull, Asst. Superintendent, Elwood School District
Room: 601
This workshop will cover how to include community leaders and activities in your schools to promote acceptance and respect for all cultures in your school.  Based on the work of Doc Sheila and Don Gately.

These forward-thinking educators shared their experiences and led the conversation about race in our schools.

For sessions two I attended:

HOPE® Skills: 5 essential skills for a competitive edge in life!
Bob Wolf, Founder, HOPE® Skills Presentations & HOPE® the Student's Bridge To Business
Room: 609
These skills prepare you to meet, earn support from and work effectively with people, the one constant in every job and career. Every student can learn and apply them! They complement the academic curriculum schools teach and help build self-confidence & self-esteem. And, as a student grows, the skills grow with them becoming more refined over time. Students with these skills will: Interview Successfully, Network Effectively, Build Supportive Relationships, Be a Productive Team Player & Be a Confident Leader.

Bob Wolf discussed life skills that we need to ensure our students have.

Session three is an open forum that is determined as the day unfolds. Attendees create a conversation they want to lead. As the day progresses, you sign up for what interests you. The choices were vast.
It was another great day for collaboration and learning! Thank you, Dr. Brennan, for leading the way!